A Ram on the run who's signed up as the ship's chef


Gronk was always misunderstood as a child. Because of his enormous size (at 10 feet tall) and loud personality, it was always thought that Gronk would become the tribe’s greatest warrior. However, Gronk had a passion for something that his parents could just not understand.


Despite the rigorous physical training his father tied to prepare for him, Gronk would always slip off to his Uncle Kragg’s tree and learn about the culinary world from the top chefs he employed. At first, his parents did not understand his obsession with cooking, despite Kragg’s assurances. They believed he was undermining his own talents as a warrior and tried to ban the young ram from going to see his uncle. they continued to have him drilled in the ways of the warrior regardless of his protests.

However, Gronk was a determined youth and still continued to sneak away. He eventually put his parents minds at ease when he entered a Battle Chef tournament, with Kragg’s help, and set a record as the youngest victor, earning him a job at The Pitt as it’s Combat chef if he ever needed work.

Realizing their son could combine both the art of war with the art of cooking, they allowed their son to continue his culinary training so long as he practiced the way of the warrior as well. A compromise he agreed to.

As the years went on, he found himself exceeding the skills of his Uncle Kragg’s chefs and decided to venture out into the vastness of space to learn all he could about the foods of the galaxy. His size was apparently more of a benefit that when he was younger as no one wanted to turn down an oversized Ram that wanted to cook. Especially one that could man-handle most natural ingredients such as the wild boars of Tarsis V. Gronk spent several years as a cook on the Orionus Transgalactic Liners, seeing the sights and cooking with some of the best. He even spent time on Earth itself, learning the fine arts of Gourmet cooking. He was hailed as being a savant of the culinary world, especially for his species.

Unfortunately, the accolades he received made several people less than happy. One such person was an up-and-coming Orion chef by the name of Seamus McBrand. Life was suppose to go well for seamus. His father owned one of the biggest Liner companies in the quadrant and Seamus was to become the head chef on the largest of the line. And then came along a large dumb Ram Python that stole all of that from him, making Seamus number two in line for the liner’s head chef. Well, Seamus was not one to take such things lightly.

As a means to congratulate the young Ram, Seamus offered to cook up his finest meal ever. He stated he wanted to put all that competition behind them and move on with life. Mainly, he wanted to move on with his life and ruin Gronk’s. Lacing the food with a highly potent sedative, Seamus put the Ram under to give him time to enact a plan to make sure the Ram never worked as a high profile chef ever again. Using a few dirty contacts he had, Seamus took Gronk’s life and made him into one of the sector’s most wanted (In 13 systems). He dumped Gronk off at the local starport where he was detained in quarentine, and went on with his life, assured Gronk’s was forever ruined.

When he came too, he discovered himself in a starpot quarantine cell, unsure of how he got there. The guards stated he was brought by a friend but was not allowed to board in his drugged state, told he was apparently high on recreational chemicals. Irritated at what he thought was a bad practical joke by the rogue, Gronk attempted to pay his fine and leave, hoping to find Seamus and demonstrate a few moves he learned as a Battle chef Champion.

However, when his card was run, bells and whistles started going off as his wanted status came up on screen. Unsure of what to do, Gronk fled. He knew he was set up, but didn’t have any proof to the contrary. Being in a starport, he decided the best means of escape was to stow away onboard a ship in hopes he could make it off planet.

Fortunately, he found such a ship (The players) and he new life as a secret fugitive chef began.

Update: Recently, he discovered that his Uncle Kragg, the driving force in his dreams of becoming a chef, had passed away. Unfortunately, as a fugitive, he cannot lay claim to the inheritance until his name clears. He’s currently wondering if his cousin has anything to do with his current criminal record as well since Gronk was chosen as Kragg’s heir instead of him.


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